Consistency Is Key for Web Marketing Success

Not very often does someone put out one viral marketing campaign that propels them into instant web success. It takes consistency and hard work along with a dedicated schedule of events that are continuously hitting the pages of the internet. Repetition in front of your audience is what it takes to get people to notice you and what you are doing in your industry.

Here are ways to be consistent with your web marketing efforts:

1. Link Building: Don’t just shoot from the hip with your efforts. Put a strategy together for either 6 or 12 months and stick to it. Feel free to add and make changes as you go along but stick to a schedule for your link building. A schedule is really the only way your efforts are really going to work how they are supposed to.

2. Social Media Marketing: You don’t want to leave big gaps in your frequency of activity. People need repetition in the social networks. Your audience needs to see your brand and logo consistently for them to take you seriously as a company. It is all about burning the image of your brand into the minds of those around you. This can only happen if you are active on a regular basis. Put a plan together of where and when you will take part in your social activity, this will keep you a bit more focused. It is easy to get lost in the sea of social chatter.

3. Email Marketing: You don’t want to send a newsletter once every six months because it will not have the same effects than if you sent it twice per month. Applying the consistency rule and scheduling at least one newsletter campaign per/month will have a much more substantial impact on your branding efforts. If you could find a way to bump that up to 2 newsletters per month you will without a doubt see an increase in traffic and sales.

Everything about web marketing is about consistency. You have to be persistent and repetitious about everything you do online and over time your brand will grow. Make a schedule of efforts and events and stick to it.


Writing by Nick Stamoulis