Case Studies is Luxury Swiss Watch Ecommerce Website. Since 1923, Steinhausen has been the home of the most luxurious watches and men's accessories. Today, Steinhausen sells more watch winders than any other manufacturer and makes luxurious watches available at affordable rates

The Challenge
Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of Steinhausen’s primary lead generation tactics driving traffic to the site. There were a rich keyword selection but the conversion rates were low. The campaign performance management was inefficient due to lack of resources. With a limited PPC budget, the option to buy more traffic was not available.

The Plan
- Provide recommendations for all onsite changes necessary to make the website SEO friendly, including meta-tags, keyword density, and URL structure.
- Optimize all keywords, ad content, and CPC bidding, manually manage the bidding - system more frequently on daily basis.
- Create landing pages for all the categories on the site with featured products highlighted.

The Results
- Attained top three rankings for high volume keywords
- Lift the revenue by more than 35%, Ecommerce Conversion Rate by 20%, and Per Visit Value by 47%.
Bamboo and Thatch Etc by Benson’s Tropical Sea Imports provides quality bamboo poles and bamboo fencing, tropical decor and nautical decor for decorating restaurants, tropical or nautical-theme parties and similar environments. Benson's Bamboo has been in business over 60 years. Now Bamboo and Thatch Etc has the largest inventory in USA.   

The Challenge
- The site did not have good structures of product categories;
- The site ranks high with certain keywords. But it does not do well in relevant keywords with high volume in search trends;
- There were many keywords for Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising but low conversion rate.

The Plan
- Restructure website content with product categories and descriptions;
- Increase frequency of major keywords that are more relevant with high search volume. Build quality and keyword rich content to improve organic search rank.
- Select appropriate and relevant keywords for Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising and monitor the cpc bidding.
- Create effective landing pages for categories. 
The Results
- Visits to the site has increased by 300%; 
- More relevant keywords with high volume rank at the top;
- Traffic from Google organic search has increased by 600%;
- High conversion rate in Google Paid Search;
- Sales have increased by more than 300%.