What is Google PageRank?

PageRank is what Google uses to determine the importance of a web page.

Several Effective Ways of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the most efficient way to bring heavy traffic to sites. Here we will share some tips with you.

What is Viral Marketing?

In fact, the connotation of viral marketing is how to make full use of Internet resources, especially free sources, to enlarge the channels of delivering online marketing information.

What is Ad Ranking?

Reasons tell why the ranking in AdWords is different from the ranking in the results of Google search.

The Exact Meaning of Some Abbreviations

The exact meaning of CPC, ROI,CPM, CPA.

Ten Ways to Improve AdWords Quality Score

Quality Score is an essential standard to measure the quality of your ads and the relevance.

How to Calculate AdWords Quality Score?

To improve Google AdWords Quality Score, we should take effort on these three aspects: CTR, the quality of landing page, and the relevance.

What is "Quality Score"?

A high Quality Score means you can lower your PPC cost on the basis of the equality of landing page and conversion rate, which is significant in SEM.

What is Keyword Density?

While each search engine's preferred keyword density differs, it is best practice to make sure it is high enough for the keyword(s) to stand out as a major topic of the page.

What is Conversion Rate?

A high conversion rate depends on several factors, all of which must be satisfactory to yield the desired results.